Meet Sarah Bell, our Head of Client Development

18 October 2020 By Michael Bowyer

​When so much pressure is being put on the NHS and private facilities to provide exceptional patient care, having access to flexible skill mixes is of the utmost importance to fill rotas in the most cost-effective way. Here at Medical Staffing, we have made it our mission to find the best ways to provide outstanding clinical talent based on the individual – and often changing daily – needs of an organisation.

Our Head of Client Development, Sarah Bell, has an impressive 21 years of providing staffing solutions across healthcare and sustainability. She is well-positioned within our organisation to be the voice of our clients within the Celsus group. Her efforts ensure our clients continue to use our services year in year out for APMS, Out of Hours, Custodial and Immigration, Walk-in Centres, Urgent Care Centres, NHS Trusts and Practice Federations.

We thought you might be interested in finding out more about Sarah’s role within the company, so we sat Sarah down and found out more about her amazing work within UK healthcare.

Sarah Bell

Providing pandemic solutions

Sarah is extremely proud of the agile and adaptable service our team has been able to mobilise for our clients during the peak of the pandemic. They were able to instigate remote consultation services and enabling a client to scale at short notice with minimal disruption to their service and level of care provided.

Notably, she and the team have also been able to support a healthcare provider by enabling them to deliver their services through a more varied multidisciplinary team, not only providing them with the required clinicians but ensuring that the quality of their standards and care were protected and maintained at all times.

Sarah and the team’s efforts during this time - and since - ensure that those patients are able to access care when they need it, by specialising in finding solutions with high quality, flexible multi-disciplinary workforces, supported by robust clinician governance and a team that cares. Sarah’s specialty lies in partnering with our client’s facility, getting to know their level of service, processes, and systems. This allows her to provide or suggest a suite of clinical workforce solutions and be capable of mobilising a large multidisciplinary team at scale and short notice.

Sarah and her team adapt their method to suit the individual facility’s onboarding processes, supporting their quality standards through high-level clinical governance, and providing insightful feedback and reporting where required.

Personal ties

Sarah’s parents were a dentist and a midwife, her grandfather was an eminent consultant psychiatrist who pioneered improved mental health services for the deaf. The importance of equal healthcare access for all has been important to her at many different stages of her life, from her childhood with her passionate parents who both worked in healthcare, to being a parent of five children.

Her motivation to be able to support our clients and clinicians in the important care they provide comes from her passion for improving healthcare inequalities both locally in the UK and globally across the world.

If you would like to discuss staffing issues, find flexible staffing solutions that suit the individual needs of your organisation, or just get have some questions answered, Sarah, is happy to speak with you.

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