Adapting to a Pandemic: Insights and opportunities

28 June 2021 By Lorraine Gray

​There’s no denying it, the world of healthcare services has changed! The healthcare industry’s response to Covid-19 has seen dramatic shifts to how health and care services are delivered and used. These changes have, in many instances, incorporated a fundamental redesign of existing services, with profound implications for both staff and patients. The global pandemic was a catalyst for change, challenging traditional operational methods as we adapted to find ways to contain the spread of infection and protect the most vulnerable.

The effort of every healthcare professional cannot be understated as everyone pulled together to care for those who were infected and quickly adapt to the new, virtual-first landscape of healthcare. As demand for healthcare professionals across all specialties was at an all-time high (and continues to be the case as we enter the recovery period). Medical Staffing has made some changes and updates to how we operate to accommodate our clinical community and clients alike.

How Medical Staffing has adapted to the pandemic

We know how hard our healthcare professionals continue to work as we begin to see and understand more about the long-term effects of the pandemic and adjust to the new normal. During this time, we have made it a priority to find new ways to support the healthcare community during this period of change, so that they can continue to provide unparalleled patient care.

Just like our healthcare professionals who met the challenge of the pandemic head on, we have also made some necessary adaptions to improve our service offering and mitigate bottlenecks, such as; increased demand for primary care and triage clinicians, short notice block bookings, hard-to-fill rotas and the rise of telemedicine.

Our updated service

Our medical service solutions are tailored to individual healthcare clinicians and often unique organisational needs. We strive to not only nurture high-calibre talent throughout their healthcare careers, but continue to provide the industry with the right staff, responsively and efficiently. As a partner to the healthcare community, we have taken steps to adjust our operations to meet the new, fluctuating hiring demands of today’s pandemic economy, including:

  • Remote triage opportunities

Due to the shift from face-to-face consultations to remote triage and appointments for patient care, we can help support you as you adjust to this new form of healthcare provision. Additionally, we can help you find additional assignments centred around providing virtual appointments as a locum, therefore, allowing you to fit work around other priorities in your life.

  • Simplified compliance process

With the increased demand of the pandemic creating more opportunities for healthcare professionals, we knew the best way to support them would be to ensure they were always ready to take on an assignment that suited them. To do this, we created a fully-online compliance process that allows our clinicians to quickly and easily upload all documentation needed.

  • Recognising our healthcare professionals’ hard work!

While many continue to applaud our healthcare workers across the nation, we wanted to show our personal gratitude to our clinicians. After some creative thinking on our part, we came up with a way to show just how much we appreciate their hard work.

We created a ‘care package’ and hand-delivered them to a random selection of our associated healthcare workers who used our ‘Refer a friend’ scheme! Masked and ready, our gift bags filled with goodies and treats, our team safely delivered them to our clinicians who were delighted to see us!

If you’re looking for your next role then we want to help. Whether working in primary care or acute nursing, our skilled recruitment consultants are currently working on several opportunities and may have the right role for you.

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