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Primary care stands at the forefront of medical services, providing exemplary care to all patients and needs quality clinicians, including PNs and ANPS, urgent care practitioners, GPs, and pharmacists at their fingertips.

In just a few easy steps, you can gain access to a wide range of skilled clinicians to meet the individual needs of your facility. We have cost-effective solutions and tailored skill mixes to support you with hard-to-fill rotas.

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How to hire through Medical Staffing

1.       Get in touch to discuss your recruiting needs

One way to initiate the hiring process through Medical Staffing is to get in touch by telephone on 01582 394800, or via email info@medicalstaffing.co.uk, or through our online callback request portal.

One of our specialist consultants will be in contact to discuss the unique needs of your facility and can offer cost-effective solutions, skill mixes and quality clinical support alongside exceptional medical talent.

2.       Submit a vacancy on our site

Or you can submit a vacancy directly on our site by filling in this short form.

3.       Review selected healthcare professionals

Your dedicated consultant will provide you CVs from local clinicians with the skills you need for your facility. Select the one(s) whomatch your needs and relay your choices to our specialist consultants.

4.       Agree to terms of business and start date

Please sign and send through the ‘Agreed Terms of Work’ to our consultant so we can complete your search and confirm the assignment details with your clinician.

5.       Fill your rota and ensure exceptional patient care!

Enjoy the peace of mind of a filled rota and assurance in patient care and delivery.

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