Submitting your timesheet

​As well as offering full diary management and a dedicated point of contact, we guarantee that you’ll be paid within three - five working days of receiving your timesheet (excl. PAYE), providing you follow the below process and we receive all of the required information in a timely manner.

What day should you send in your timesheet?

We suggest that you complete it on your last working day of the week (Monday to Sunday). Timesheets received after 23.59 will roll into the following working day’s payroll to enable the timesheet processing team to pick it up.

How many timesheets should you submit?

We can only accept one timesheet per week for each organisation that you work at.

Where should you send them?

You should email your timesheets to the relevant email address below:

Alternatively, you can post your timesheet to: Medical Staffing Limited, Jansel House, Hitchin Road, Luton, LU2 7XH

Things to remember:

  • Only use black ink, and

  • Complete in full, ensuring your name, site name, date, start & finish times, breaks and total units worked are fully & clearly completed

  • Obtain authorised signatures for all the shifts you've worked, (unauthorised signatures can delay payments as further confirmations of your shift may be required prior to payment)

  • When you send your timesheet via email please send it directly to the timesheet processing team on the above email addresses to ensure prompt payments. Sending timesheets to your booking consultants only can delay payments, however, please ensure they are copied in

  • Ensure you have completed the section around not being supervised, directed or controlled section

Any problems or questions about timesheets or payments, please call and speak to your consultant. You can download our timesheets below. You’ll need Adobe Reader to be able to view the timesheet.

​How to electronically ​submit your timesheets​

(Primary Care clinicians only)

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