The changing landscape of care provision

21 June 2021 By Michael Bowyer

At Medical Staffing we’re aware of how hard every healthcare facility and employer has worked in an effort to support the pandemic and regular healthcare services. As we face more changes to support the continued pandemic efforts, the vaccination programme, and work to clear the backlog of medical services required, we want to remind our clients that we’re here for them and will support in any capacity we can.

The BMA has outlined that there will be many continued changes and additional funds to support the rapidly-changing landscape of care provision in the wake of the pandemic. In a letter sent in January 2021, they outlined the following changes (among many others):

  • The Update to the GP contract agreement in February 2020 guaranteed that the available funding for the PCN Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS)[GH1] would increase from a maximum of £430m in 2020/21 to a maximum of £746m in 2021/22.

  • To support the continued pandemic response and the COVID vaccination programme, NHS England is currently committing an additional £30m/month for capacity expansion[GH2] for the last five months of 2020/21 and 100% funding support for PCN Clinical Directors for the last quarter (£10m/month) where PCNs are participating in the vaccination programme.

  • Extended access services have been used to support the general practice pandemic response, including the delivery of the COVID vaccination programme. The transfer of funding for the CCG commissioned Extended Access Service will now take place in April 2022.

In addition to the changes and developments put forward by the BMA, the NHS has also outlined its strategy for 2021 and 2022 in its We are the NHS: People plan 2020/21 - action for us all document. The years ahead will focus largely on creating an equality and inclusivity-driven healthcare system centred around:

  • Supporting more flexible and remote working·       

  • Remote consultations and telemedicine·       

  • Supporting returning and new clinicians with further education, training and resources

  • Supporting care homes

  • Risk assessments for healthcare worker safety and health

  • Implementing wellbeing initiatives and guardians

These changes and developments are intended to improve the lives of healthcare professionals and patients alike, however adapting to meet the demands of these changes will leave trusts, practices, and facilities in a challenging position.

How can Medical Staffing help?

We can support our clients resourcing needs, helping to fill rotas at short notice, out of hours and even in traditionally geographically hard-to-fill areas. We can support you in recruiting mental health professionals, and much more to meet the needs of the BMA’s and NHS’ vision for the future of healthcare services in the UK. With a greater focus on telemedicine and the long-term effects of the pandemic, long Covid and much more, Medical Staffing’s flexible and knowledgeable insight can help to secure the staffing resources you need to provide exceptional patient care. In addition to regular recruiting services, Medical Staffing can support healthcare providers to deliver their services through a more varied multidisciplinary team, not only providing them with the required clinicians but ensuring that the quality of their standards and care are protected and maintained at all times.

In addition to targeted, out of hours, and short notice placements, we specialise in finding solutions with high quality, flexible multi-disciplinary workforces, supported by robust clinician governance and a team that cares.

If you have any further questions about getting the right skill mixes of healthcare professionals to fill your facility’s rotas both today and for what the future may require, please get in touch with us.

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