How does a nurse recruitment agency work?

14 October 2021 By Michael Bowyer

​If you are considering your job prospects or looking to make a change in your nursing career, becoming a member of a nursing agency may be an option for you to consider. A nursing agency works as the middleman between you (the candidate) and the client (the healthcare organisation with the vacancy) to make placements whereby both end-users are happy. They achieve this by listening to your individual requirements, such as what experience you’re looking to gain or if you need to fit your assignments around childcare, to find the perfect match!

That said, nursing agencies go a lot further than just finding you a role, they assist you with every step of the recruitment process ranging from providing ongoing career advice and feedback, to offering support with interview preparation and staying on top of your compliance admin. If you’re new to the world of agency nursing or are simply in the need of a refresher, we have put together a guide detailing the ins and outs of agency recruitment so that you can leverage the benefits and excel in your healthcare career!

Why use a recruitment agency in healthcare?

There are many benefits to working as an agency nurse, not least that it opens up the opportunity to work in a variety of different areas, from a hospital setting to elderly care, and you get to pick and choose your own hours and have the chance to broaden your skillset whilst being rewarded financially for all your hard work.

If you’re considering making the move to working with an agency, they can support you throughout your nursing career and:

  • Offer career advice so you achieve your ambitions

  • Source suitable assignments so you don’t have to!

  • Assist with staying on top of your admin, including ensuring your compliance is up to date

  • Grow your network in healthcare by finding you multiple opportunities in different settings

  • Take the hassle out of finding fixed, perm or locum positions not just locally, but across the UK

  • Help you adapt to every new environment so that you hit the ground running

  • Support with interviews, your CV and onboarding

  • They can also support with CPD, complaints procedures and revalidations

How do nursing job placement agencies work?

When you find an agency that you like, it’s a very simple and easy process when it comes to joining and boosting your healthcare career. Before completing your application, you will be asked for the following information:

  • National insurance number

  • Professional indemnity insurance form

  • Professional registration information

  • Appraisal information

  • Revalidation information

  • Reference details

After gathering the relevant documents, generally you’ll be required to follow these steps when looking to becoming a member at a nursing agency:

  1. Register on their website and wait for a consultant to contact you either by email or phone. To register you will need your professional registration number/ pin and your CV.

  2. Once you have registered with an agency, you will be able to login and access your personal account where you can manage your assignments, timesheets, and compliance admin.

  3. It’s also a good idea to following agencies on LinkedIn and any other social media channels they use so you can keep up to date with their live vacancies, valuable insights, and news.

  4. When speaking with a consultant, you can discuss your unique requirements including your long-term career goals, what type of assignments you are looking for, whether they need to consider any personal commitments such as childcare or extra training before presenting opportunities. This is your chance to specify what you’d like from a role and your preferences, like if you are looking for day shifts, night shifts, both and in what setting.

  5. The consultant will also guide you through the remaining part of your registration process, which includes providing any documentation such as DBS checks, references, proof of qualifications, and filling out necessary forms including compliance and occupational health forms.

  6. Once you are fully registered, you can sit back and relax as expert consultants liaise with their client base to find you suitable roles based on your circumstances, locations, experience and availability!

Why join Medical Staffing?

Medical Staffing is one of the largest healthcare agencies in the UK and when it comes to looking for your next nursing opportunity, we’ve got you covered. We can ensure you are always able to provide the best care possible by sourcing short and long-term assignments, out of hours, or back-to-back roles.

We offer full diary management and get to know you, your skills, and your long-term career goals so we can find assignments to suit you. Our specialist consultants are always on hand to help you with onboarding and compliance support.

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