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Emergency care practitioners (ECP) are highly sought after as NHS resources are stretched, prompting more paramedics with advanced training to assess and administer medical treatment. By responding to emergency calls, ECPs can reduce admissions and improve patient outcomes.

What is an emergency care practitioner?

ECPs are generally paramedics who have received additional training at diploma, degree or postgraduate level. They are able to provide physical assessments, treating minor illnesses and injuries, working across various departments including the elderly, paediatrics, mental health or pharmacology. With the ability to treat patients at home or provide referrals for escalation of care, ECPs carry additional equipment and drugs to treat patients on the scene.

Emergency care practitioner job requirements

  • A background in paramedicine and additional academic qualification, including medical assessment and clinical skills, often to PgDip or MSc level

  • Strong clinical decision-making abilities, often under pressure or in unique settings

  • Passion, commitment and dedication, often working in extreme conditions

  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate with patients and non-patients in a variety of settings

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