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What is a GP locum?

​​Are you considering a career as a locum GP? Perhaps you’re looking for a bridge to retirement or maybe you’re a recently qualified GP and just looking to pick up a few extra shifts to help cover your outstanding University fees. No matter the stage of your medical career, becoming a locum GP can be one of the most rewarding and lucrative opportunities available to you today.

Locum GPs are doctors who take the place of another GP on a temporary basis, whether it is to cover holiday periods or leaves of absences, or to cover shifts due to a shortage or absence of permanent GPs. Locum GP work has become increasingly popular in recent years with many doctors electing to go down this route to supplement their permanent practice work, to form part of a portfolio career (including multiple locum deployments, teaching, consulting and/or research) or as a bridge to retirement. Many ‘retired GPs’, who no longer want to work full-time hours are choosing locum work as an opportunity to stay active in their profession whilst maintaining an income and a foot in the profession.

Requirements for a GP locum

Locum GPs are qualified doctors who undergo the same training and possess the same qualifications and ongoing compliance requirements as salaried general practitioners. In addition, a locum GP should have:

  • An interest in portfolio work and/or the desire to create a more flexible working arrangement tailored to specific personal and/or family commitments

  • An autonomous and self-motivating work style and the ability to work within various working environments and with different personalities

  • An active interest in keeping up-to-date with regards to CPD and their medical knowledge

  • An ability to quickly learn a variety of clinical computer systems that may vary according to each place of work

  • Flexibility to work during certain periods of high demands

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