With a shortage of GPs, nurse practitioners are in huge demand

Nurse practitioner jobs are on the rise, with more healthcare providers recognising not only the value that these advanced nursing professionals offer, but also the opportunity to leverage their skills and experience to offset the widening GP shortage in the UK. Along with more permanent job opportunities, nurse practitioner agency nurses are in extremely high demand, with flexible opportunities in varying primary care settings becoming increasingly available in the market place.

Requirements for a nurse practitioner job

​In addition to the duties and expectations as a nursing professional, nurse practitioners are expected to:

  • Diagnose and treat health issues including illnesses, injuries and infections

  • Conduct and order diagnosis tests such as diagnostic imaging along with cellular and chemical analysis

  • Write prescriptions for patients as well as provide guidance on medicinal side effects and interactions with existing medications

  • Record and diagnose the symptoms and medical history of a patient

  • Speak with patients about maintaining their health including recommending treatment plans and ongoing care

  • Provide specialised care based on the specific clinical training received as part of their advanced training and education

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