More and more paramedics are choosing locum work

Emergency and urgent care professionals have a highly important and stressful job. Paramedics are among the first persons on the scene of an emergency and will be dealing with life and death situations, often highly charged and even dangerous. That said, a paramedic career can be highly rewarding and make a difference in saving lives.

What paramedic jobs are available?

While the majority of paramedic jobs are with the NHS via the local Ambulance Trust, there exist other public and private employers of paramedics including the armed forces, the prison service, private ambulance services, overseas health departments, oil and gas exploration companies and events companies overseeing festivals, sporting fixtures and other public gatherings.

Requirements for a paramedic

  • Attainment of a Diploma / Foundation Degree / Degree in paramedic science as well as a degree apprenticeship scheme

  • Effective communication skills and the ability to work with diverse audiences including patients/victims, families, GPs, occupational therapists, mental health teams, diabetes specialists, hospital emergency staff, police and fire service

  • The ability to work under pressure and duress

  • An attention to detail and the ability to keep accurate records

  • Critical decision-making

  • Empathy and resilience

  • Flexibility and openness to change

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