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Pharmacists are in high demand in the UK and job prospects are highly favourable for primary care, community and hospital pharmacists.

What is a pharmacist?

​Pharmacists are healthcare professionals involved in all aspects of medical delivery to patients. They are responsible for preparing and packaging the medicine a doctor prescribes as well as provide advice and consultation on medicinal dosage, side effects and patients’ queries.

What pharmacist jobs are available?

There exists three main types of pharmacist jobs – primary care pharmacy, community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy jobs.

  • Primary care pharmacists work for a GP surgery, clinic or Primary Care Trust (PCT) to provide medicine management, prescribing advice and clinical governance coordination.

  • Community pharmacists work in retail chemists with the provision of supplying medicine to the public, providing advice about symptoms and general health matters and ensuring the compatibility of multiple treatments. It is UK law that all community pharmacies be under direct supervision of a pharmacist.

  • Hospital pharmacists work directly with hospitals with the provision of purchasing, manufacturing and prescribing medicines, providing testing and delivering advice on selected medicines and their dosage.

Pharmacist job requirements

  • Prescribe medicines to patients that are suitable and within the law

  • Advise patients about medicines including dosage and potential reactions

  • Advise other healthcare professionals about medicinal use

  • Ensure the safe and secure supply of medicines

  • Supervise the production and preparation of medicines

  • Ensure a close attention to detail and meticulous observation of dispensing

  • The ability to exhibit critical decision making

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