GP surgeries are looking for skilled practice nurses across the UK

With the recent shift from hospitals to communities in providing patient care, GP surgeries, clinics and health centres now have extended opening hours and service offerings. As a result, practice nurse jobs are on the rise, providing exciting career opportunities for registered nurses.

What is a practice nurse?

Practice nurses work in GP surgeries, clinics and health centres and based on the size and geography, responsibilities may be part of the wider healthcare team offering, sharing duties and responsibilities alongside other nurses, doctors, pharmacists and dieticians. In smaller environments, practice nurses may be working on their own, resulting in a very diverse set of responsibilities and experiences.

Practice nurse job responsibilities

Practice nurses are typically involved in all aspects of patient care including (but generally not limited to):

  • Patient consultations, examinations and investigatory procedures in surgeries

  • Diagnosing and treating illnesses and ailments

  • Administering blood tests

  • Providing immunisations/vaccinations and advice

  • Providing first aid treatment as well as managing and dressing minor wounds and conditions

  • Assisting women with family planning and women’s health

  • Assisting men with health screening

  • Helping patients with their ongoing healthcare regime

  • Providing sexual health information and services

  • Writing records and keeping patients’ notes

  • Supervising healthcare assistants at the surgery

Practice nurse requirements

To get a practice nurse job, you must be qualified as a registered nurse and fulfil your ongoing CPD training and development. Some surgeries will require specific knowledge or experience based on potential skills gaps within their healthcare team or to support community needs – for example areas with an aging population and/or young families.

Many who consider a career as a practice nurse first start as a healthcare assistant or assistant practitioner, developing skills and experience ahead of commencing a nursing degree. Whatever the route, practice nurses should also display a host of interpersonal and soft skills including:

  • Flexibility and adaptability

  • The ability to work alone or in a team

  • Excellent verbal, interpersonal and written communication skills

  • Motivated and self-starting

  • Effective organisational skills and an attention to detail

  • Critical thinking and decision-making

  • Empathy, resilience and stamina

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