How to write a GP job description

03 December 2019 By Michael Bowyer

​Attract the best talent with an impactful GP job description


Competition for GPs is high and skills amongst the workforce can vary. How can you use your doctor job descriptions to encourage applications and make sure you’re attracting the best clinicians on the market?


First, remember a job advert has a different function than the internal job spec where detail will take precedence. A GP job description must contain enough detail to filter appropriate candidates but must also be succinct and interesting enough to make them want to apply. Simply listing what is required of them, without advertising what they will get in return for that, will do little to entice a workforce with other options available to them.


Consider the following format for your GP job description:

  • Pitch the role and the requirement: a brief summary of what’s needed and what is offered

  • Key tasks and responsibilities

  • Type of person – competencies

  • Minimum requirements – e.g. qualifications, number of years’ experience

  • Clear call to action (apply)


You want to do enough to entice job seekers, demonstrate what the position entails and ascertain the applicant’s suitability for the role. Doing all three optimally will mean minimising the number of unsuitable applicants while maximising the number of those who are suitable, without risking losing the best quality candidates to your competition.

Sample job description for a General Practitioner


We are looking for a GP with a proven track record delivering optimal patient care to local communities for our thriving, Birmingham-based general practice. We offer sociable hours, excellent benefits and a supportive working environment.


  • Offer patient care for and assessment of minor ailments, chronic or minor illnesses, preliminary diagnoses

  • Undertake a variety of duties including surgery consultations, telephone consultations and queries, triage calls, triage visits etc.

  • Screen patients for disease risk factors and early signs of illness

  • Administer and prescribe appropriate treatment and therapies

  • Refer patients to specialist services where appropriate

  • Update patient records

  • Conduct routine examinations

  • Offer appropriate general health and lifestyle advice to patients


 As a GP with experience working within a busy practice you will have:

  • 2+ years post qualified experience in a general practice

  • Valid GMC license

  • Comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of general medicine

  • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • An understanding and caring manner

  • Excellent organisational skills

  • The ability to manage a heavy workload and work well under pressure

  • Confident decision-making

Apply for our position [here].


Securing the best candidate can take time, and optimising your GP job description is a key part of that. Locum GPs provide an excellent short-term reprieve If there is an incumbent gap while hiring, providing immediate cover with minimal commitment and so avoiding rush hires.

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