Delivering remote clinical assessment solutions during a pandemic

29 March 2020 By Matthew Hunt

How Medical Staffing is helping to deliver care solutions to 5,000 patients per week during the COVID-19 outbreak 

As a partner to the healthcare community, Medical Staffing provides medical service solutions that are tailored to individual and often unique organisational needs. When approached by a leading social enterprise to deliver clinical assessment support via telephone consultations as the result of the COVID-19 crisis, Medical Staffing were able to provide both the talent and the technology to enable the delivery of care.

7 day turnaround including compliance checks

5,000 patients triaged each week

25 clinicians and laptops deployed

The challenge:

Stretched healthcare services and a shortage of professionals meant the opportunity to provide remote clinical assessment and treatment support as part of the wider pandemic response was critical. With patients requested to stay at home and with many healthcare professionals concerned about their own safety or requirement to self-isolate, the opportunity to provide remote patient care was immense – to both reduce waiting times and pressure on the organisation’s telephone triage team as well as to support the wider NHS response and delivery. Providing teleassessment services also enables clinicians to protect themselves, particularly many retired healthcare workers who want to support the efforts whilst protecting themselves.

As a new remote clinical assessment service offering, the organisation did not have the requisite laptops and technology tools to enable the deployment, further compounding the challenge amidst wider economic and supply chain disruption.

The solution:

Medical Staffing were engaged, having previously offered face-to-face triage services at scale, therefore giving the organisation the confidence that they could provide the requisite mix of clinicians including GPs, ANPs and UCPs. While healthcare talent is in short supply, Medical Staffing and its dedicated specialist team were able to leverage their existing networks and database along with digital talent acquisition platforms to secure the requisite talent. All compliance checks were expedited, and more than 25 clinicians deployed within seven days. Our IT team worked with the client to ensure robust security measures were taken at every stage.

To enable the technology, Medical Staffing secured the provision of 25 laptops, further expediting the delivery and supporting the organisation with a logistical and otherwise unsurmountable challenge.

The outcome:

While the full impact of the programme is still in its infancy, it is anticipated that the initial deployment will result in nearly 5,000 additional patients triaged and supported each week over the course of the pandemic.

If you are a healthcare provider looking to offer remote clinical assessment services during the pandemic, Medical Staffing is pleased to offer the provision of laptops and equipment at no charge when engaging with our remote clinical assessment clinicians. Please get in touch to discuss your unique requirements as we will endeavour to provide bespoke solutions to your needs

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