Whether a nurse practioner, ANP or practice nurse, we have your next nursing job

If you’re looking for a new nursing job, look no further. Nurses are in high demand and job prospects are therefore highly favourable for nurses looking to either work as an agency nurse in primary care or as a salaried nurse in an acute care setting.

What nursing jobs are available?​

We source candidates for roles across a wide range of nursing disciplines, these include:

Nurses play a critical role in managing the health and well-being of the public at large, putting the needs of their patients first and playing a crucial role in liaising with the GP and wider medical team.

Nursing job requirements

  • Administer care and treatment to patients, including administering injections, dressing wounds, taking blood pressure or providing examinations

  • Maintain records of care and medical administration

  • Consult with other healthcare professionals on the best care treatments

  • Manage or supervise other healthcare and nursing staff

  • Provide clinical and emotional support to patients and their families

  • Exhibit critical decision making

  • Manage time and high pressure environments

We are currently working on a number of locum nursing jobs which may not have found their way to the website. Please register with us to learn about the current opportunities we're working on.

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