Supporting our Clinicians with Safeguarding

20 April 2021 By Sarah Bell

​Throughout the pandemic there have been growing concerns amongst the medical community surrounding safeguarding vulnerable adults and children. Reduced contact between healthcare professionals and patients means there are less opportunities to assess a patient’s physical and mental safety leading to rising reports of abuse.

With so much responsibility to spot the signs for a need to step in and intervene, we are dedicated to supporting our clinicians as much as possible when it comes to safeguarding.

What is our safeguarding policy?

We ensure all our clinicians complete their mandatory training in:

  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults

  • Safeguarding children

And through our Head of Clinical Performance, Lorraine Gray, a former RGN and Matron herself, we offer guidance and support when a clinician needs to raise a safeguarding concern. More and more clinicians are being exposed to these types of safeguarding issues and it takes its toll.

We have created peer-led support groups to discuss their experiences of safeguarding and arranged a partnership with one of the largest clinics in London, Harley Therapy, who have kindly offered free therapy appointments for all NHS workers to talk through any increased stress, emotional suffering, or anxiety they may be facing.

Not only do we help our clinicians handle their personal feelings towards raising a safeguarding issue we also support the technical aspects and ensure everything is handled according to the six principles of safeguarding.

The six principles of safeguarding:

Introduced originally by the Department of Health in 2011 and firmly embedded in the Care Act, we hold these principles at the forefront of how we guide our clinicians through all health, care and safeguarding situations. They include:

1. Empowerment

Ensuring people are supported and encouraged to make decisions about themselves and give informed consent

2. Prevention

Ensuring all clinicians understand that it is better to take action than let abuse or harm continue or happen

3. Proportionality

Finding safeguarding solutions in the lease intrusive way that is appropriate to the level of risk

4. Protection

To provide the support, representation and a voice for the most vulnerable

5. Partnership

Finding community support through local services, encouraging people to be watchful for neglect and abuse and to report where appropriate

6. Accountability

Ensuring transparency and accountability in all aspects of safeguarding processes

Supporting healthcare practices with safeguarding

Our Head of Client Development, Sarah Bell, is committed to ensuring that all our clinicians are prepared and trained in the nuances of each practice’s safeguarding policy as part of the onboarding process. Already fully knowledgeable in the legislative requirements of safeguarding, she also partners with your facility, getting to know your safeguarding policy, processes, and systems. This ensures our clinicians are ready to protect and detect any safeguarding concerns for vulnerable adults and children in any setting.

Not only that, she and her team are also able to support a healthcare provider by enabling them to deliver their services through a more varied multidisciplinary team, not only providing them with the required clinicians but ensuring that the quality of their standards and care were protected and always maintained.

With an impressive 21 years of providing staffing solutions across healthcare and sustainability, Sarah is well-positioned within our organisation to be the voice of our clients within the wider Celsus Group of companies. Her efforts ensure our clients continue to use our services year in year out for APMS, Out of Hours, Custodial and Immigration, Walk-in Centres, Urgent Care Centres, NHS Trusts and Practice Federations.

If you would like to discuss staffing issues, find flexible resourcing solutions that suit the individual needs of your organisation, or just get have some questions answered, Sarah, is happy to speak with you.

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