How we handle complaints and provide feedback for audits

18 January 2022 By Michael Bowyer

​At Medical Staffing, we strive to provide a service that continuously delivers and surpasses the expectations of the healthcare organisations that we work with. That’s why we are not afraid of feedback, good or bad, as we consider it a valuable opportunity to improve! As the industry evolves, constructive criticism enables our team to listen, learn and react to your needs to ensure that we deliver the best possible resourcing solutions.

Throughout our partnership, we want to accommodate any challenges you may experience, no matter what the circumstances, and are constantly looking to better our service offering. We strongly promote continuous development and improvement in our teams, as well as amongst our clinicians, so that we can adapt to emerging trends and the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Why feedback is important to us

We strive to maintain positive relationships with the healthcare organisations that we work with and have that element of constant communication and invite regular feedback. Your opinion matters to us and helps us:

  • Improve our work with candidates and drive their professional growth

  • Improve and enhance our service offering

  • Drive decision making and influence change

  • Address issues and correct mistakes to provide a positive experience

  • Better address your needs and resourcing challenges

  • Ensure safe staffing

  • Attract and select the right healthcare professionals that are a good fit for your organisation

Concerns you may have

It’s no secret that the healthcare sector is under immense pressure currently and as winter approaches, staff shortages and absences may play a part in creating an environment where complaints are more common. Despite the external factors that can influence the quality of care provision, we know that continuity of care is critical at all times. We want to ensure we support you in providing exceptional patient care no matter the circumstances.

Whether you have concerns regarding our services or clinician(s) we have placed at your healthcare organisation, we want to hear from you. Please feel free to express any concerns you may have on the following:

  • A service or candidate did not meet an expected level

  • An incident has resulted in damage or loss or property or harm

  • A candidate/ clinician didn’t arrive on time or work how they were contractually obliged

  • You received a patient complaint

How we handle complaints

At Medical Staffing, our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for complaints enables us to facilitate a continuous learning and development approach. We are always responsive to your needs and have a robust process in place that identifies responsibility and accountability if a complaint has been made. Not only do we record each step of the complaints process, we analyse themes and trends to ensure preventative measures are adopted moving forward.

If you do wish to file a complaint about a clinician or have feedback on audit results, it will be recorded as received on our database by our complaints team who will supply you with a unique identifiable number. If a statement is required, this will be requested with the date of the request recorded, as we expect the first draft to be received in three working days. Following a review by the Head of Clinical Performance or the Associate Director of Risk & Compliance, the clinician will:

  • Work with them to review the audit and work together to produce an action plan and identify preventative measures for future occurrences

  • Record the agreed action plan on the database, which will be shared with your facility

Any themes and trends will be shared with our team of consultants so we can work collectively to drive performance, react positively to feedback, and ensure that our service offering is the best it can be.

Let us know your feedback

Here at Medical Staffing, we’ve made it our mission to find the best ways to provide outstanding healthcare talent based on the individual – and often changing – needs of an organisation. This is why we don’t shy away from constructive criticism.

If you have feedback, good or bad, regarding our services, clinician(s) we have placed at your organisation or would like to hear more about our standardised complaints processes, then we want to hear from you! All enquiries regarding a complaint, incident or clinical audit can be sent to or

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