Addressing Winter Healthcare Pressures with Immediate Locum Support

31 January 2024 By Libby McCaughey

​Winter in the UK has traditionally posed significant challenges for the healthcare system, and this year is no exception. As we navigate the unrelenting pressures on NHS services, we must take proactive steps to ensure that patients receive the best care possible, even in the face of escalating winter pressures.

The Current Landscape

Recent data from NHS England paints a concerning picture:

  • A surge in flu-related hospitalisations, with an average of 1,582 patients hospitalised with flu each day last week, marking an 11.7% increase.

  • Ambulance handover delays of over 30 minutes have risen to 32.2%, up from 25.7% the previous week.

  • Despite a slight decrease, there are still an average of 47,468 NHS staff off sick each week.

  • The number of beds occupied by patients who no longer meet hospitalisation criteria has risen by 5.9%, averaging 14,436 patients each day.

  • Bed occupancy remains high at 94.3%, with adult general and acute bed occupancy reaching as high as 95.7%.

The situation is clear: our healthcare system is under immense strain, affecting both patients and staff alike.

Immediate Locum Support - Your Solution

At Medical Staffing, we recognise the urgency of the situation and are committed to providing immediate locum support across the UK. Our team are ready to support you with experienced medical professionals to alleviate the pressures on your healthcare facility.

Why Choose Our Locum Support:

  1. Relieve Staff Burden: Our locum professionals can step in to support your existing staff, easing the strain and ensuring they can provide quality care without being overwhelmed.

  2. Prompt Patient Care: Timely patient care is crucial, especially during the winter months. Our locum professionals are available to help maintain efficient patient care.

  3. Optimise Bed Occupancy: With an increased number of patients who no longer meet hospitalisation criteria, optimising bed occupancy is essential. Our locum support can assist in managing resources effectively.

  4. Maintain High Standards: Even during the most challenging times, maintaining high standards of care is non-negotiable. Our dedicated professionals are committed to upholding these standards.

Take Action Today

The time to act is now. Don't wait until the situation worsens. Contact us at 01582 394800 to secure the locum support that can make all the difference.

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