Mental health is a battle and you’re on the frontline

06 May 2020 By Michael Bowyer

​We’ve teamed up with Harley Therapy so you can access free therapy when you need it

Longer hours, stressful shifts, tense and worried patients, daily heartbreak, increased risk to your own and your family’s health – as healthcare professionals you are facing incredible amounts of stress and pressure. In a YouGov poll, half of the medical staff (50%) polled cited mental health as having been impacted by COVID-19, ahead of worries about family safety (49%) and the ability to ensure patient or service-user safety (43%) because of a lack of testing and personal protective equipment.

Living with the constant threat of contracting the virus, it is vital that you take as much care of your mental health as your physical. Whilst we have some tips to help you cope with stress and burnout during the COVID outbreak, if you need extra help with mental health, we are able to support you with this as well.

We have teamed up with one of the largest clinics in London, Harley Therapy, who have kindly offered free 50 minute therapy appointments for all NHS workers to talk through any increased stress, emotional suffering, or anxiety you may be facing with your mental health since the outbreak. As an organisation we care about you and your wellbeing. That’s why we’ve made a charitable contribution to Harley Therapy to allow follow up sessions where required, on a first come first serve basis. They have over 600 sessions to offer a week, meaning you can access the care and support you need, when you need it.

We know you are used to being the ones who provide care to hundreds of people every day, but please use this free resource to support your mental health and wellbeing during this pandemic. Completely virtual, each appointment will be conducted with experienced and qualified therapists who have made a positive difference to thousands of lives with online video sessions. The sessions are available from 7 am until 10 pm to fit around your shift schedule and are completely confidential.

How to book your free therapy sessions:

To book your session, please visit this page on the Harley Therapy’s website and sign up. You will need to have and use an NHS email address in this format: or @<name> or

If you experience any issues applying for a session please get in touch with Harley Therapy at:

Reduce your stress about finding shifts

As always, Medical Staffing is dedicated to ensuring you find shift schedules that suit you; with appropriate PPE and with clear and simple onboarding anywhere in the country. If you have any other concerns about the current upheaval, our Head of Clinical Performance, Lorraine Gray, will be hosting live Facebook Q&A sessions in our ‘Ask a clinician’ hour twice a week in May. Book an appointment in advance to make sure she answers your questions. Watch this space to find out more!

Whether working in primary care or acute nursing, our team are here to support you through this difficult time. We are currently working on a number of opportunities and may have the right role for you.

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