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31 May 2020 By Michael Bowyer

The Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown has changed almost every aspect of our lives: schools have been closed, loved ones have been cut off from their families, thousands have contracted the virus and healthcare professionals have made huge sacrifices to their mental and physical health to care for the sick. But in the face of such sadness and hard work, there have been some exceptional moments of kindness and joy around the world! Enjoy these heart-warming stories and know we’re here to support you in any way we can.

Masks can’t hide a smile!

Governments around the world are urging everyone to wear masks when outside to stop the spread of the virus. Many online retailers are offering masks with bespoke patterns and fittings, and even some with smiles stitched on them to brighten the mood. But nothing can hide a real smile! Find out more here.

New York photographer, Laura Fuchs, has been arming herself with masks, gloves and her trusty camera to capture smiling, mask-wearing New Yorkers to show that nothing can hold back joy and happiness for long. Standing at a safe distance of 2ms away from them, she has captured the resilient nature of the human spirit in one of the worst-hit cities in the world. There are over 330,000 coronavirus cases in New York City, and over 26,000 deaths according to John Hopkins University.

A 100th birthday party on the COVID ward

Ivy Reeves probably imagined that her 100th birthday party would take place surrounded by her loving family and would involve cake, singing, and a message from the Queen. Right before her birthday she tested positively for the virus was rushed to Wycombe Hospital in Buckinghamshire to receive treatment; but Ivy wasn’t going to be stopped. She bravely faced the virus and her symptoms improved. The hospital deemed her well enough to have her son visit and together with the kind nurses on the ward, had the perfect birthday party – complete with singing, cake and a letter from the Queen!

Everyone is going on a bear hunt!

Explaining COVID-19 to children hasn’t been easy for many families, children can have difficulty understanding why they can’t see their friends in the park or at school anymore and many are feeling the strain. To add a dash more fun into the lockdown, many people around the world have created a ‘bear hunt’ for kids and families to participate in whilst safely enjoying their outdoor exercise.

Inspired by Michael Rosen’s iconic children’s book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, many are placing cuddly bears in the windows with positive messages for the children to spot and enjoy! Teddy bears have been spotted around the UK, US, and New Zealand and families are enjoying a daily bear hunt to spot these cuddly critters.

If you’re looking for extra ways to entertain the kids during the lockdown, check out our 11 activities for children.

Don’t forget that we are offering as much support as we possibly can during this time and have arranged free therapy sessions to help support your mental health through our partnership with Harley Therapy. They have 600 sessions to offer every week, all you need is an NHS email address to qualify. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health right now, let us take care of you!​

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